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Jordan Parker
Jordan Parker

Gay Cocksucking

He reached out and put his hand behind my head as I opened my mouth wide. He slid that beautiful cock past my lips as I felt it attempt to enter my throat. I gagged a bit as he began to fuck it in and out of my mouth. I realized he was the driver and I was just the passenger on this cocksucking trip.

gay cocksucking

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He soon walked away, and after the choir left, I snuck out from under the pulpit. I would have many more baptisms with him until he left for another church and I quit as the altar boy. But my submissive cocksucking was just beginning.

As a teen, he taught himself to sing and play serviceable guitar chords, and as a young man formed a band with friends called Lavender Country. They recorded one self-titled album in 1973, filled with queer numbers like "Come out Singin'," "Back in the Closet Again," and the song that would decades later launch him to fame: "Cryin' These Cocksucking Tears." It was the first country album known to be released by a gay man. Lyrics included: "It seems you've forgotten/your daydreams are rotten/your ways are alarmingly clear/them victories aren't wanted/as long as I'm haunted/crying these cocksucking tears."

I can see that you have defined yourself as a cocksucker and see yourself as standing apart from the rest of your kind. You need to think about how a Master or Top or Domme views you, they will see your gay cocksucking skills and consider you to be a faggot, as being a cocksucker is usually a stepping stone to being a good faggot. Most Masters love a good cocksucker, and a gay cocksucker is even better as they know how to suck a cock properly.

If you are a good gay cocksucker, then by my definition you are already a faggot or a good way along the road to being a faggot. Good cocksucking is one of the tenets of being a good faggot. Get comfortable with the title of faggot and allow your life to take the direction into faggothood that it needs too. 041b061a72


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