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I really love this game so much. When I first started playing, I thought it was childish, but the more I played, the more engaged I became. I'm so eager for everyone to try it out because it really gets addicting the further you get. I want everyone to experience how fun this game is!If I'm not mistaken, I think her name is something like this "My Talking Angela 2".

"My Talking Angela 2" is a virtual pet animation game that makes each day more stylish and fun. In this game, players help this fashionable kitten enjoy herself in her home located in the big city. There are incredible hairstyle, makeup and clothing options. Additionally, exciting activities like dancing, cooking and martial arts. You can prepare delicious foods and snacks for Angela. It's also possible to travel to different places by plane. Challenge your skills in mini-games and puzzles. A new collection of stickers awaits to be unlocked. Developed meticulously by the renowned team behind the successes "My Talking Tom", "My Talking Tom 2" and "Talking Tom: Gold Run".I downloaded it from this website and would like to recommend it to everyone.


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