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EDA-Electronic Design AutomaticMICROWAVE.OFFICE.V2010CST Studio Suite 2010ACTIVE-HDL V7.3 (c) ALDEC *SP2* Elcad.V7.1.0.MultilanguageQuartus II v7.2 for PCs (c) Altera ZUKEN.CADSTAR.V10AGILENT.ADVANCED.DESIGN.SYSTEM.2010 Agilent.Advanced.Design.System. 2010.update 2Agilent.VEE.Pro v9.0CIM-TEAM_E3_SERIES_V2004.330_1CDMEMSCAP_MEMS_PRO_V4.0 Valor.Enterprise.3000.v7.2.4 1CDZUKEN_CR5000.BOARD.DEGISN.V10 1CD LLPRODUCTS V12 (C) SYNAPTICAD MathWorks.Products.Release.14.WITH.KeygenAgilent.Genesys.v2010.04downStream.CAM350.v10.0.0.279AWR.Design.Environment.v7.52.3682Ucam v8.5.1 (c) Mania TechnologieUCAM V8.4.1FABMASTER V8F2GAdvanced Design System (ADS) 2010Ansoft_Ensemble_V8.0 1CD ANSOFT.SERENADE.V8.0.SUB100 Proteus 7.4 with SP6 (c) Labcenter 1CDAnsoft Serenade Design Environment 8.7 *FINAL* ANSOFT_PEXPRT_V6.0 with sp4 Ansoft_HFSS V12ANSOFT_SIMPLORER_V6.0 ANSOFT.MAXWELL.V12 ANSOFT_SCAP_V5.5 Ansoft links V4.0 1CDAnsoft Designer V5.0 1CDAnsoft Siwave V4Ansoft Q3D v7.0 1CDANSOFT.OPTIMETRICS 2.5 Gc-Powerstation V9.1.2 Pulsonix_V6.0 CoventorWare V2006.002CoventorWare V2010EMSS_FEKO_V5.4_Win32 &win64Tanner.Tools V14XILINX_CHIPSCOPE_PRO_V9.2XILINX.FORGE.V3.1.1XiliNX.Embedded.Development.Kit Xilinx ISE 11.1 (c) Xilinx XILINX.EDK.V9.2 1CD XILINX.EMBEDDED.DEVELOPMENT.KIT.EDK.V3.1Xilinx Foundation Series ISE.4.1i w/ SP1 Aglent.RFDE2010Agilent IC-CAP 2010Synplify.Premier.v9.4.with.Identify.v3.0SYNOPSYS.FPGA.COMPILER.II.v3.8SYNOPSYS.Star-Hspice. vA 2010SYNPLICITY_AMPLIFY_V3.7Synopsys.VCS.MX-2010.06Synopsys Formality.vB-2010.09 SP5Synopsys PrimeTime 2010.06 Linux Synopsys Synthesis Tools 2010.06 Linux Synopsys CoCentric System Studio(CSS) 2010.03 Synopsys TetraMax 2010.09 SP5 Synopsys Astro 2010Synopsys Astro-Rail 2010 Synopsys Aurora 2010 Synopsys Cadabra 2010 Synopsys CATS 2010Synopsys Circuit Explorer 2010Synopsys coreAssembler 2010 Synopsys coreConsultant 2010 Synopsys coreTools 2010 Synopsys CosmosScope 2010 Synopsys CRITIC 2010 Synopsys DC-FPGA 2010 Synopsys ESP-CV 2010 Synopsys Fammos TX 2010 Synopsys Formality 2010 Synopsys Hercules 2010 Synopsys HSIMplus 2010 Synopsys HSPICE 2010Synopsys IC Compiler 2010 Synopsys IC Workbench EV Plus 2010 Synopsys JupiterXT 2010 Synopsys Leda 2010 Synopsys Magellan 2010 Synopsys Milkyway Environment 2010 Synopsys NanoChar 2010 Synopsys NanoSim 2010 Synopsys NanoTime 2010 Synopsys Odyssey 2010 Synopsys PathMill 2010 Synopsys Physical Compiler 2010 Synopsys PrimePower 2010 Synopsys PrimeRail 2010 Synopsys PrimeTime Suite 2010 Synopsys PWA 2010 Synopsys Raphael 2010 Synopsys Saber 2010 Synopsys Seismos LX 2010 Synopsys Star-RCXT 2010 Synopsys ISE TCAD 2010 Synopsys Proteus 2010 Synopsys Synthesis(DC) 2010 Synopsys System Studio 2010 Synopsys Taurus Medici 2010 Synopsys Taurus TSUPREM-4 2010 Synopsys TCAD Sentaurus 2010 Synopsys TetraMAX ATPG 2010 Synopsys VCS 2010 Synopsys VCS MX 2010 Synopsys Vera 2010 Synopsys VMC 2010Mentor Graphics ModelSim SE 6.5Mentor Graphics Calibre 2010.1.17 Linux Mentor.Graphics.IC.Flow.V2010Mentor.Graphics.DMS.V2010Mentor.Graphics.BST.V2010..Linux.DVDMentor.Graphics.EXP.V2010 Linux.DVDMentor.Graphics.AMS.v2010.Mentor.Graphics.IND.v2010Mentor.Graphics.PADS.v2010.3Mentor.Graphics.Board.Station.Flow.2010Mentor.Graphics.Expedition.Suite.V2010.DVDMentor.Graphics.Expedition.Suite.V2010.DVD MENTOR.GRAPHICS.PRECISION.RTL.SYNTHESIS.V2010MENTOR.GRAPHICS.LEONARDO.SPECTRUM.V2010a.82.INCLUDING.UPDATE1 MENTOR.GRAPHICS.HDL.DESIGNER.V2010.2Mentor.Graphics.QE.2010Mentor.Graphics.ICX.TAU.2010Mentor.Graphics.IO.Designer.v2010 Mentor.Graphics.Integrated.Systems.Design.2010 MENTOR_GRAPHICS_ISD_V2010Mentor Graphics PADS 9.0 MENTOR.GRAPHICS.SDD2010 space2 1CD Mentor.Graphics.WG2010 1CDExpedition Enterprise Flow 2010.5 (C) Mentor GraphicsMentor_Graphics_EN2010Mentor Graphics eProduct Designer 2010 3CD MENTOR.GRAPHICS.FPGA.ADVANTAGE. v7.2MENTOR.GRAPHIC.PRECISION.V2010 Mentor Graphics HyperLynx 2010Mentor.Graphics.Catapult C 2010Cadence CONFRML V8.1 Cadence.EXT v09 .10.lnx86Cadence SOC Encounter 8.1Cadence RFKIT v8.1 Cadence EMGR v08.02.001Cadence IFV v08.02.001Cadence SOCKIT v08.02.001 Cadence SPMN v08.02.001Cadence.Allegro.SPB.v16.2 Cadence.IC. design 6.14Cadence.ASSURA.V4.0Cadence.MMSIM 8.2Cadence.IUS8.10.LINUXCadence.OrCad.v16 Cadence IUS V5.8Cadence EMGR V6.1Cadence IFV v6.1 Cadence SPMN v6.1Cadence ET V6.2 Cadence RCv.71 Cadence IPCM v6.2 Cadence ADW V15.7Cadence.ETS 7.1 For Linux Cadence RCC V7.1 Cadence IUS V6.1 Cadence ETS V7.1 Cadence AMSD V6.11 Cadence ANLS V7.1 Cadence IXE31 V5.1 Cadence ASSURA V3.17 Cadence RCV V7.1 Cadence TSI V6.1 Cadence RET V17 Cadence CCD V7.1 Cadence EXT V6.2Cadence CONFRML V7.1 Cadence FINALE V7.1 Cadence MMSIM V6.2 Cadence SEV V4.1 Cadence NEOCELL V3.4 Cadence CVD V12 Cadence NEOCKT V3.3Cadence SOC V7.1Cadence PAS V3.1 Cadence IES20 V6.1 Cadence PVS V6.1 Cadence PROPLUS V6.1Cadence SOC Encounter 8.1Cadence RFKIT v8.1.. 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Mentor Graphics 2010 UPDATED Download


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