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Adrian Wright
Adrian Wright

Sinful Treats Violet Summers Epub Format

ono's point is that just as it takes both academic and psychological study to uncover the brain's complexity and working, it takes another level of study to look at the way that bookish knowledge, and more importantly what it produces, affects the ways in which we come to understand ourselves and our world. in many ways this has been explored before, from the arguments about the 'internalisation' of masculine knowledge in historical dramas, to the effects of books on cities and societies, through to the idea that reading novels isn't just a matter of fantasy and imagination, but also of personal transformation. the idea that readers may improve themselves by studying literature goes back to aristotle and beyond, and for centuries it was seen as a deeply personal undertaking, revolving around questions of character and morality. for ono however, the transformative powers of literature are only really important in the context of what else literature is up to. 'we often read the texts as being only about the texts, even though in reality they are about the world, which, to their own specific ways, the texts often touch on, and sometimes radically alter' (p. 128).

Sinful Treats Violet Summers Epub Format

the book helps us to see why it was that on one side of the atlantic the blues sounds were also resonant with african-american spirituals and beyond; and on the other, that the jazz of the nightlife of harlem was also sounds of the jazz of the world of the 19th century parisian salons, with their swirl of intellectual and aesthetic currents. the second world war had long been seen as having been fought between the weimar republic's jewish lobby and the murderousness of national socialist germany, but for ono, only when we turn back to france do we realise that its war had also been a time of renewal: 'from the franco-prussian war and the paris commune to the dreyfus affair and the first world war, from the bistros of montmartre to the balls of the faubourg saint germain, from the cafés of l'enfant-rouge to the theatres of the boulevards, from the lush orchards of the bois de boulogne to the palaces of the place des etats-unis, a dual inheritance of proust and sade have been passed down through the generations, through the silences of the salons, the rumblings of the cafés, the hidden conversations of the boulevards, the whispered secrets of the bistros and the shouting of the streets' (p. 152).


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