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most of the patients (80%) reported that they had initiated crack-cocaine use at home, while 60% reported it to have been initiated by a friend or acquaintance. approximately 80% of patients reported that their first use of crack-cocaine was with friends or acquaintances. only 20% reported to have first used crack-cocaine on their own.

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the majority of the patients (63%) reported their first crack-cocaine use to have occurred in a public place. more than 60% of the respondents reported having obtained crack-cocaine from the neighborhood, 38% from a friend, 27% from a dealer, and 5% from a relative or acquaintance. with respect to the use of crack-cocaine, only 37% of the patients reported that they were using crack-cocaine daily. of those who had ever used crack-cocaine, 29% reported using the drug several times a week, 20% several times a month, and 41% less than once a month.

in the univariate analysis, most of the variables presented above were associated with earlier crack-cocaine use, except for early sexual intercourse, which was not associated with earlier crack-cocaine use (p=0.068). in the logistic regression model, only five variables remained significantly associated with earlier crack-cocaine use (p=0.039). the group of patients who had earlier crack-cocaine use were more likely to have had alcohol (or=2.37; 95% ci=1.07, 5.24), to have used marijuana (or=2.44; 95% ci=1.09, 5.43), and to have peer crack-cocaine users (or=2.86; 95% ci=1.35, 5.99). there was no significant association between crack-cocaine use and parental monitoring of places where the patient spent their free time.


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