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[S1E2] Second Chances [UPDATED]

[The camera pans over to the score-board. The score is 3-5, with the other team ahead by two points. There is only one minute and twenty-nine seconds left in the fourth quarter, indicating that there isn't much time left to turn the game around]

[S1E2] Second Chances


[On the field, Scott looks over once again at Allison, and even though it's obvious to everyone else that Allison is only holding the sign to be nice, Scott's eyes flash gold again for a brief second before he clenches his jaw and returns his attention to the game]

[Scott takes his shot, throwing the ball so hard that it busts right through the net of an opposing player's lacrosse stick net and hits the goal. The score is now 5-5 with thirty-nine seconds to spare in the final quarter. In the stands, everyone is standing and cheering with their arms in the air, and even Argent can't help but be impressed, especially when he sees how excited Allison is]

[The clock shows that there are seventeen more seconds left in the game, and the opposing players are surrounding Scott in an attempt to regain possession of the ball. In the stands, Melissa has her hands clasped in front of her chin as she murmurs encouragement under her breath]

Scott wanders into the boys' locker room in a daze. He peels off all his lacrosse gear, and Stiles notices the forlorn look on his face. Stiles asks if Scott apologized to Allison, thinking it may not have turned out as well as he'd hoped. Scott tells him she gave him a second chance, and Stiles is happily surprised at the news. He assumes everything is good, but Scott tells him that Allison's father (Chris Argent) is one of the hunters. "He... shot me... with a crossbow," Scott says. Stiles can't process the news and keeps asking Scott to repeat it until he's shouting.

Scott goes back for a second try. This time, fueled by anger, he runs straight for Jackson. His doesn't appear to be moving any more swiftly, but he hits with much greater force, and this time Jackson is the one thrown to the ground. Scott staggers off to the side as his werewolf transformations come to the surface. Jackson rolls on the ground in pain with a dislocated shoulder.

Scott then admits to her that she makes him nervous. "I just wanna make sure I get my second chance." She looks at him seriously. "You already have it. I'm just waiting for you to take it." Scott takes a chance and kisses her.

Once the game is done, he runs off the field so nobody sees him shifted. Allison goes to the locker room to look for him and finally finds him after he's controlled the shift. He apologizes for being so weird, telling her that she makes him nervous and he's worried about not getting his second chance. She accepts his apology and they kiss before she leaves.

Shawn Walker: This is this the sort of second case we want to discuss here is that initially as COVID started to come into the radar, and as the CDC started discuss mask wearing and other other items, the CDC came out and said that we really want to save mass for clinical workers to protect them, because our PPE is in short supply. So let's not wear masks, they're not going to be that effective outside of a clinical setting. But that narrative has changed over time. Right? 041b061a72


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