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Adrian Wright
Adrian Wright

The Long Dark Trail YIFY __FULL__

Although the night was dark, I could see this, for the silhouette ofthis dark form stood out against the starry sky. I should have remaineda long time undecided as to what it was, if my master had not spoken toit.

The Long Dark Trail YIFY

Forward! March! We had left the city behind us; we were now in thesuburbs. We saw no people or policemen or street lights, only a lightedwindow here and there, and over our heads the dark-blue sky dotted witha few stars. The wind, which blew more bitter and more violently, stuckour clothing to our bodies. Fortunately, it was at our backs, but as thesleeves of my coat were all torn near the shoulders, it blew in andslipped along my arms, chilling me to the bone.

It was decided that he should stay there that night with Bob and that Ishould go on alone to the Old Oak Tavern, for I had to know where theDriscoll family was going the next day. All was dark when I reached thetavern. I looked round for the caravans. They were nowhere to be seen.All I could see, beside one or two miserable wagons, was a big cage fromwhich, as I drew near, came the cry of a wild beast. The beautiful gaudycolored caravans belonging to the Driscoll family were gone. 041b061a72


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