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Jordan Parker
Jordan Parker

9 Pin Mini Din [PORTABLE]

Several non-standard sockets are designed to mate with standard mini-DIN plugs. These connectors provide extra conductors, and are used to save space by combining functions in one connector that would otherwise require two standard connectors.

9 pin mini din

Other non-standard connectors mate only with their matching connectors, and are mini-DIN connectors only in the sense of sharing the 9.5 mm plug body. These mini-DIN style plugs are not approved by the Deutsches Institut für Normung, the German standards body, and many applications could be considered proprietary. The Sega Saturn uses a 10-pin non-standard connector.

Please Read!! There are 2 major types of 9 pin mini din cables. They are NOT interchangable or even the same size! Many electronic companies use both types so it is important that you check your existing cable to see which type you have. Some companies use both of these ends and confuse things further by different names

Single-ended 8-pin mini-DIN cables transmit power, analog, and digital signals. They have a male 8-pin connector on one end and are blunt cut on the other end, for custom wiring of your Alicat instrument to your system.

Use double-ended 8-pin mini-DIN RS cables to connect your instruments to a BB3 or BB9 multi-drop breakout box. RS cables have male 8-pin connectors on both ends and carry only power and digital (RX/TX) signals.

Tensility International Corporation's DIN and Mini DIN cable assemblies are designed to carry the maximum current possible with wire as large as 20 AWG to allow 2 A of current. All standard configurations of DIN connectors are available, from 3 to 13 pins in both standard and mini versions. The line also offers straight and right angle versions. Overmolding the cables offers extra stability, ease of use, and visual appeal. Custom versions are available.

Toyo is a trusted name and a leading supplier of automation and mini round shell connectors in India. We are your one-stop shop for any requirement of terminal blocks, IC sockets, cables, Relimates (wire harness), cable assy. connectors, RF connectors, D sub connectors, shielded cables, and SIM/SD card connectors in India. 041b061a72


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